AFK Gaming is a growing Dota 2 community that has its roots set in India. We're a group of Dota 2 lovers from various walks of life that have come together with the purpose of creating quality Dota 2 content.

Our efforts are aimed towards creating a spotlight and then shining it on deserving yet unrecognized scenes such as the one we have here in India.

Tournaments, giveaways, livestreams, shoutcasts and coverage are some of the things we're passionately pursuing. We've got a vibrant team of passionate individuals all doing their bit to help grow this community.

If you would like to contribute to our cause as a sponsor, volunteer or community contributor, hit us up via the contact us section!

Rakesh 'Chief'

Rakesh 'Chief' - Co-Founder

A gaming enthusiast with a knack for rational thinking and business strategy. Role model - Patrick Star.

Nishant 'Cloudx' Patel

Nishant 'Cloudx' Patel - Co-Founder

Cloudx by day, Meepo by night. Nishant is unequivocally India's best caster and arguably one of India's best Meepos. Professional mathematician, all rounder and overseer for all things AFK.

Siddharth 'Zo9i' Nayyar

Siddharth 'Zo9i' Nayyar - Co-Founder

Systematic yet passionate, Siddharth leads the client relations division in AFK Gaming. A manic foodie and is always keen to have a chat about Esports. Hit him up on LinkedIn