If anyone intrested to play Dota2 Upcoming tournaments in india.

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Hi guys i live in mumbai, i want to make carrier in gaming, If any of you ready for some pro scene then reply this messege.

eSports coming in india after1 or 2 years ESL will come to india from my opinion.

So guys this is the time to do something so can prepare for some pro scene, so we need to stop wasting time.

we will practice online no need to go in cafe if we build a atleast playable team then we will book cafe to play.

i m very serious about dota2. We will build good team. Players should be calm this is mind game emotions comes out when we play this game. so we need to play so calmaly no matter win or lose. we will decide captain after we play together mmr make no sense now days some pussies buy account and come to join, but here we play 1st then we decide captain aftwer we play properly and who giving good calls in team and decision making in game.

If you guys agree with me then reply fast i wanna play DREAMHACK 1st 5 players who reply ill play with them

mmr should me more than atleast 3.5k communication is more important in team not mmr so guys fast.

thank you. btw my mmr is 3.7k


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You should share your details as well, if u expect some one to reply to this thread. No offense!

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