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Need following role players for finishing our roster:
2-Roaming support(greedy playstyle preferred)
ROAMER mmr minimum criteria is 4.5K and CORE minimum criteria is 5K.
*Must be positive player with no ego issues.
*Must have mic.
*Must be able to play from 3-6PM almost daily(3 games practice).
*Must be punctual to show up on practice sessions.
*Must be able to travel to LANs once qualified for it.
(Preferring players from Mumbai but if you can make it to anywhere on LANs then even if you are from some other place it's totally fine)
*Want players who want to play on LANs and prove themselves to eventually be the best players in the country.
*Only those who can make it are welcomed to contact us.
*We're making a team of trustworthy players who are willing to put their ego behind and work on a common goal which is to be the best in the game.(Need a lot of hardwork and commitment for it and only do comment if you are willing to put that much of an effort).
I am Shai from Frozen Gaming and along with Pegasus am making a roster of dedicated players.
I've been playing the game for about 7 years and have quite a good amount of experience and am Ancient-2(4.3K) and Dhruv(Pegasus) is a skilled mid laner with Divine-4 medal,and we are looking for like-minded players with whom we can work together for a bigger goal.
We're not sponsored yet btw but obviously will look for once we're set and achieve something.
I hope willing candidates meeting the requirements do contact us.
You can comment down or add me on steam-
Dota2 id-121270426

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hey man i would like to play as a member in your team. i am currently crusader and want to play with a profssional team.

i specialize in sniper , anti mage and io

and my signature hero is pudge and crystal maiden

if you want to contact me plz whatsapp me on 7972992905

Just so you know im 15 yrs old but plz do not confuse my age with my ability

and i have a replay of me getting 59000 farm with anti mage and also doing a rampage and comeback.

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i would like to apply for pos 4 support
current mmr not callibrated..last season mmr 4662.
contact no. 7980374317
email - [email protected]
steam profile -https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198183335942/

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i really want to play with you in your team

i have good gaming skills

i will accept all your rules


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