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Let me start off by saying that my expectations from the show were already at ground level. The players drafted for the show were not even close to my expectations (excluding a few). Lastly, the people creating the hype were those who were in the show, while the people creating the negativity were those outside the show. Hence, to finally clear my thoughts, I decided to watch the first two episodes.

After watching the first episode, like every gaming enthusiast, I was disappointed. I ranted about it among my friends. I laughed at it and thought of so many things that could make the show much better. However, I tried to give them a chance and watched the second show. Half of me got really annoyed while the other half of me began to make sense of the entire series.

So after that, I began writing down a few of my analysis points.

Game Time
Yes! I know! I heard it all over everyone’s social media status! The game time was really less. But then, think about it. They had around 40 minutes per episode. They had to show 4 games in those 40 minutes. Hence, 5 minutes per game is actually ideal. The only thing that triggered me slightly, is the game explanation. Before a game starts, they talk about how a game is played. Episode 1 and episode 2 had the exact same visual treatment for explaining the games. Since I watched this on ‘Voot’, I could just skip it. However, for gamers watching this on TV, this would get repetitive and boring.

Before the show was even aired, a large number of people who were a part of the show were known. I am not going to touch upon the players from Tekken and Cricket since I have completely no idea about those games and the players who play them. Coming to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, well, for this game, I think the player selections were pretty good. They had some players who were the best in the country while others who were good but not so recognized. An even mix of skill which is spot on. However, as a DotA player, I was super disappointed by the players selected. Do not take me wrong, I am not trying to offend anyone. Some of the players selected were old school professionals who were highly entertaining during their prime. However, as of today, the amateur players look up to the best Indian DotA players, none of whom were in the show. I am unsure of the reasons behind it, but just putting my thoughts forward.

If I am not wrong, the show had two objectives. One being to build awareness about gaming while the other being TRP for obvious reasons. Now think about it. It’s a show aired on TV. On the channel MTV. Where people just wanted to be entertained. And the only way out of that would be combining gaming with a reality show. And that’s exactly what they did. The team banter, the back bitching, the close-up view of a person talking about his or other people’s mistakes; a typical reality show related visual treatment. As of now, the only people I assume would watch this would be existing gamers and their parents (considering the gamers would force their parents to watch it). With this type of a gaming x reality show, I don’t feel it is enduring enough to promote gaming as a whole. There is a lot more about gaming that this show will not cover. So in terms of fulfilling their objective, I am not even sure if it’s meeting its KPIs.

While watching, this was actually the most entertaining game. Can watch the entire best of 3. Nothing is really cut. Everything is pretty straightforward and clear. The only sad part is that the Tekken gaming industry is not as big as CS:Go and DotA2.

One over of batting per player. On an average, people are hitting only a six or a four on every ball. So where’s the actual competition? There was one player who bowled a random slow ball to get his opponent off-guard. While that was interesting, the fact that you cannot see what the players are doing in terms of settings or controller clicks makes me bored since it just seems like the same thing on loop.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Well, I actually enjoyed the part where they were in a room strategizing with the map layout in front of them. How are you going to actually cover a 40 minute CS game in a show to make it fun as well as not so time-consuming? Probably just showcasing the best plays, but I think they are already doing that. I know something here needs to be corrected, but I am not sure what due to the time constraints.

Defence Of The Ancient 2
DotA 2, being my game, was a great disappointment. After watching episode 1 where I saw a Bloodseeker, Pugna, Necro, Legion Commander + 1 in one team, I lost hope from DotA. Again, similar to CS, how do you put a 40-minute game into such a short time? Well, that’s one thing they need to figure out on their end.

While these are most of the things that crossed my mind (I cannot speak out a few of them without getting hated by the community), I also have a few suggestions that could have made the show a better fit:
  • Better player selection
  • More on-screen game time
  • On-screen team bonding sessions

While there are many other things that the show could have done better, I want you to share your thoughts as well. Tell me if I am wrong in any of my thoughts and also, what do you feel could have been done better.

I am going to end this by saying – I am not for UCypher neither am I against it. I am just hoping that it ticks the right chord inside people and actually promotes gaming in the Indian industry.

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I felt almost the exact same way and yea i also watched it on voot.Just the first 2 episodes and found it cringy.It can be done better hopefully season 2 will be better.But it's good that atleast gaming is coming on mainstream media in india.

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Well, after I created this long post, I had a word with a lot of people in the esports industry. Some of them were in U Cypher while others were not. I got to say, my views are drastically changing in favour of the entire show. While I am not going to talk much about it just yet, I will create another post after the entire show is over and will leave my opinions about it.

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I agreed to your points. However it was entertaining to me. Hope for better version next season.

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I was told I'd get paid in cookies if I leave a reply here.

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