Experience System

Earning experience on afkgaming.com is synonymous with being active on the site.
Your experience and level information can be found at the top of the page and looks like this :

The primary sources of experience for regular users are as follows :

Activity Points
Upvote + 1 Exp
Down Vote - 1 Exp
Creating a thread + 3 Exp
Replying to a thread + 2 Exp
Commenting on a thread + 1 Exp
Receiving a reply to a started thread + 1 Exp
Commenting on an article + 1 Exp
Receiving comment on a thread +1 exp

In addition to the above, staff members are eligible to earn experience through the following :
Posting an approved article (Writer) : + 5 Exp

Lastly, admins may manually award experience to users for exemplary contributions to the community or as a reward for winning a contest.

Stalker Levels

Stalking a user allows you to keep track of community members' activity on AFK Gaming. The purpose of this feature is to allow users to follow updates from users they find interesting.

In addition to increasing the stalker count on your profile, earning stalkers contributes towards receiving and / or upgrading the 'Bringing Reinforcements' badge.

A user may stalk another user on various levels - Extreme, Active or Passive.

An Extreme Stalker receives notifications on almost all activities that the stalked user performs.

An Active Stalker receives notifications on only a few activities that the stalked user performs.

A Passive Stalker receives no notifications from the stalked user however he can easily access his profile through the 'Stalking' area on his user profile.

Activity Extreme Active Passive
- Forum
Post new thread X
Post reply to thread X X
- News and Home Page
Post Article X
Post Comment X
Up vote article X X
Bookmark an Article X X
Featured on Wall of Fame X
Featured on Wall of Shame X
- User Profile
Complete Profile X X
Update Profile X X

Wall of Fame and Wall of Shame

At the end of each month, the site will run a check for the most upvoted and downvoted users to be displayed on the Walls of Fame and Shame respectively.

Wall of Fame : Five users with the highest net experience earned in the previous month(Posts + Comments + Replies + Upvotes etc. minus Downvotes) will be featured on the Wall of Fame.

Featured users will be awarded the Commended badge and will be eligible for further upgrades.

Wall of Shame : Five users with the highest number of total downvotes received in the previous month will be pinned to the Wall of Shame.

Pinned users will earn the Reported badge and will be eligibile for further upgrades.