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Just another idiot who loves Dota, Harry Potter and Chelsea FC way too much for my own good.



gfreak0 commented " Resurrection? …" on Music Thread posted by Ratz1994

10 Nov, 2018


gfreak0 commented "Did you just forget the best coach of all time? Bulba :O :O" on ​The Coach Effect – 6 Dota 2 coaches who work tirelessly behind the scenes posted by Gambit

08 Feb, 2018

gfreak0 commented "Also, Hi reddit. I am aware that I went a little overboard by bringing up his past which was quite unnecessary. But I just wanted to draw attention to the fact that this isn't the first instance of..." on Ar1se leaves Entity Gaming a day before roster lock deadline posted by gfreak0

06 Feb, 2018

gfreak0 commented " @qrqrqr Well, I brought up "stuff that happened 2015 omg" because they were all incidents which exemplify his lack of professionalism. " on Ar1se leaves Entity Gaming a day before roster lock deadline posted by gfreak0

06 Feb, 2018

gfreak0 commented "The way I see it, Olympics needs esports more than esports needs olympics." on Esports agenda once more at 6th Olympic Summit posted by Gambit

31 Oct, 2017

gfreak0 commented "I will dye my hair pink if Fnatic manages to win this tournament." on Can Fnatic replicate Mineski's success at ESL One Hamburg? posted by Gambit

26 Oct, 2017

gfreak0 commented "The problem with this is, How do you decide which team is amateur and which team is not?" on ​New Blood Championship posted by Gambit

28 Jul, 2017

gfreak0 commented "I feel like it is important to stay realistic and focus on steady improvement rather than try for immediate success... Case in point, TI6 Beyond Infinity roster." on Entity Gaming Solidify Team with a Roster Shakeup! posted by gfreak0

18 Jul, 2017

gfreak0 commented " Dota Community before compendium: "It will be hard to beat ti6's prize pool" Valve: "L o L ... hold my beer." " on Valve just released an IO Arcana - Benevolent Companion posted by ClouDx

19 May, 2017

gfreak0 commented "Hopefully, we can finally get a glimpse of Crowley's Roster in these qualifiers" on Galaxy Battles 2017 - USD 150,000 Chinese Dota 2 Tournament posted by ClouDx

15 May, 2017

gfreak0 commented "Best part of this is how its open for all and not limited to Pune and Mumbai gamers unlike certain other leagues." on The Cobx Indian Esports Championship - An online Dota2 and CSGO tournament with Rs. 10 lakhs up for grabs posted by gfreak0

08 Apr, 2017

gfreak0 commented "Had a lot of fun making these GIFs :D" on 20 signs that you might be addicted to Dota posted by gfreak0

28 Mar, 2017

gfreak0 commented "Whoa, so excited about this "COBX has plans of hosting an international tournament in India as well"... Hope we get to see some TI calibre teams here." on COBX Gaming announce 10 million USD investment into Indian Esports posted by Gambit

28 Mar, 2017

gfreak0 commented "Eh, I doubt Overwatch would ever get big in the Indian Scene... While the game is worth every paise, the price is prohibitively high for a lot of people." on LEAKED: ESL India Premiership 2017 Details posted by gfreak0

26 Feb, 2017

gfreak0 commented "Honestly, That's farther than a lot of my 5k friends got to on their first try :P" on How to win the Dark Moon Dota 2 Update posted by gfreak0

28 Jan, 2017

gfreak0 commented "I am just waiting for the Dotapit LAN. I have a feeling that EG is just gonna run over every single team in this patch with all of Sumail's and Arteezy's heroes getting significant buffs. #BleedBl..." on The Numbers' Story - ESL One Genting 2017 posted by Gambit

13 Jan, 2017

gfreak0 commented "CloudX, Gambit and Veewake are in another dimension when it comes to Doto skill, Mere mortals like me can't comprehend... Error 404." on Ranking the Best Players of Indian Dota 2 in 2016 posted by gfreak0

31 Dec, 2016

gfreak0 commented "I don't like the Final Fantasy games >.<" on RIP Wallets - Steam Cash On Delivery is here posted by gfreak0

25 Dec, 2016

gfreak0 commented "@Ratz1994 :) Thanks man, Means a lot." on The Queek Peek #25 posted by gfreak0

23 Oct, 2016

gfreak0 commented "@Cloudx I would have agreed with you before the nerfs in 6.88b,c,e besides it is the raindrops which makes Timber strong compared to other heavy magic damage nukers like Lina, Lesh, Zeus." on Too Strong for Too Long posted by gfreak0

16 Oct, 2016

gfreak0 commented "@nighimare Yup I never got that as well, I guess it is because it doesn't bother them in pubs as much as it does in pro games." on Too Strong for Too Long posted by gfreak0

16 Oct, 2016