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25 Mar, 2018

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10 Jan, 2018

Shai started Any mid players want slot?

10 Dec, 2017

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23 Feb, 2017



Shai commented "Nice decision by Valve...Btw PPD is salty but fucking right for the most part in everything he says." on Valve disqualifies CCnC stack from the South America Regional Qualifiers posted by Gambit

30 Nov, 2018

Shai commented "Amazing! I'll be going for sure." on DreamHack is coming to India this December! posted by ClouDx

28 Sep, 2018

Shai commented "Not bad...the roster" on TNC Tigers finalize roster as they look for international success posted by gfreak0

02 Jun, 2018

Shai commented "PPD-God deserves it! The Green Wall" on OpTic Gaming receive the coveted last slot in the China Supermajor posted by gfreak0

31 May, 2018

Shai commented "Such a shame.Cheaters must never be tolerated anyway. Sad part is other players along with him will be dragged outta the competition. " on Leo from Fierce Tiger receives VAC Ban posted by kripz

20 May, 2018

Shai commented "Keep us updated! ty" on Playtonia Presents Conquerors Insignia posted by RJ0713

12 May, 2018

Shai commented "Keep up the good work.Made is so easy to access upcoming events. " on ILG, COBX Masters, ESL India Premiership and other upcoming tournaments. posted by gfreak0

08 May, 2018

Shai commented "Crucial Event for teams seeing for DPC points." on The Brackets are set for the Epicenter XL: Main Event posted by gfreak0

05 May, 2018

Shai commented "So will it remain a Chinese team or EU team now?" on PSG announces new partnership with LGD Gaming posted by gfreak0

20 Apr, 2018

Shai commented "Thank you for keeping us updated!" on MDL Changsha SEA Open Qualifier details announced posted by Gambit

07 Apr, 2018

Shai commented "Nice,ty afk for keeping us updated! " on Season 2 of Indian LAN Gaming announced with a prize pool of INR 1 Crore! posted by Gambit

24 Mar, 2018

Shai commented "Finally!" on The ESL India Premiership is Back- INR 64 Lakhs to be won! posted by gfreak0

18 Apr, 2017

Shai commented "Will surely contest this tournament.ESL Premiership." on LEAKED: ESL India Premiership 2017 Details posted by gfreak0

10 Mar, 2017