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Gambit commented "…" on Music Thread posted by Ratz1994

23 Aug, 2016


Gambit commented "bagged and tagged" on Can Fnatic replicate Mineski's success at ESL One Hamburg? posted by Gambit

26 Oct, 2017

Gambit commented "As I said, A5 were already playing the EPICENTER OQ's with said roster. I think they will also be playing Cobx's online tournament and ESL India Premiership S2. Entity isn't a pure Indian team anymore..." on Entity Esports announces new roster with international players. A5 finalizes team for upcoming season as well posted by Gambit

26 Apr, 2017

Gambit commented "Also wanted to mention an 8th point "ALL STAR matches and 1v1's are back and we are loving it" " on 7 things we learnt from the Dota 2 Asian Championships posted by gfreak0

07 Apr, 2017

Gambit commented "Yea the winners and runners up of the minors get slots in both the Majors" on LXG and Lenovo present Indian LAN Gaming (ILG) Cup Season 1 posted by RJ0713

06 Jan, 2017

Gambit commented "I think once organizations/teams/players understand the value of branding and marketing themselves properly and build up fan bases, crowd participation will increase that much more. It's tough to expe..." on What's wrong with Indian eSports - Viewership posted by kripz

04 Oct, 2016

Gambit commented "BootyWizard420?" on The Challenger Cup # 1 is almost here! posted by Sid

20 Jul, 2016

Gambit commented "Nice tagging at the end there. #SearchEngineOptimization :P " on The Challenger Cup # 1 is almost here! posted by Sid

18 Jul, 2016

Gambit commented "Yes. apparently he designed the RC logo as well. WHATABOSS" on The Man, The Myth, The Legend - Wykrhm Reddy posted by Gambit

11 Jul, 2016

Gambit commented "Ace was chosen captain by organizers. He got to pick it and there were some criteria based on which he had to" on Unceasing woes of Indian Fraggers posted by tiwariayan

07 Jul, 2016

Gambit commented "Blitz stream = Best stream . Veggie Esports ftw" on The Viewership Battle posted by Gambit

06 Jun, 2016

Gambit commented "Some nice subcontinental action with Envy coming in?" on Clash Of The Titans posted by Gambit

02 Jun, 2016

Gambit commented "Pretty sure envy will qualify for the first challenger. Also i hope they do as well." on Match Analysis BI VS CSM posted by Gambit

28 May, 2016