ViCi defeat North to move onto the Winner's Final of Minors 3rd Place Play-In

Catslayer - 27 Jan, 2019 News

ViCi defeat North to move onto the Winner's Final of Minors 3rd Place Play-In

Cover Image Courtesy: ViCi Gaming

 A day after the IEM Katowice 2019 - Asia Minor came to a close, ViCi Gaming who gave one hell of a fight to  Grayhound was back in action today against North in the Minor’s 3rd Place Play-In.

The two teams went head-to-head in a BO1 match-up taking place on Inferno where ViCi Gaming showcased some of the best CS they have played till now in Katowice. They were smart in there executes, always a step ahead of their opponents. The utility usage was on-point which helped in deviating some of North’s players out of position helping Kaze get some great pickoffs from odd angles.

The most outstanding player from ViCi's line-up today was Advent, who was being criticized quite a bit for being a burden for the side of ViCi after he secured an overall rating of only 0.86 at the end of the Asia Minor with a KD Difference of -47. All hell broke loose today as Advent shut everyone down letting his game do the talking on his behalf, commandeering his team to a victory while leading them from the front with 26 kills to his name and achieving a rating of 1.69.

ViCi Gaming has advanced on to the Winner’s Final where they will be playing against the winner of Winstrike vs Envy, which is currently taking place.

Tune-in at 19:00 IST to witness ViCi play another BO1 match-up against Winstrike or Envy. The stream can be viewed live by clicking HERE.


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