TyLoo, VG.Flash and CyberZen battle for a spot at Stockholm

kripz - 11 Jul, 2018 News

TyLoo, VG.Flash and CyberZen battle for a spot at Stockholm
The Chinese Closed Qualifiers of DreamHack Stockholm 2018 are in full swing. The top 8 teams of the country are trying their best to secure themselves a spot at the tournament being held in the capital of Sweden.

Originally, 4 teams were supposed to be invited and 4 would join them from the Open Qualifiers. The teams invited were TyLoo, VG.Flash, 5POWER and IMBA.SAS. However, IMBA.SAS withdrew from the tournament before it even began, hence a 5th place match was held in the open qualifier.

Ultimately, the teams that made it to the closed qualifier were BigTimeRegal (BTR), CyberZen, EHOME, MAX and MFC.
Upper Bracket Matches

TyLoo had a bumpy start, as they dropped a map against MAX. After a 13-16 loss on Train, TyLoo dominated the game 16-6 on Inferno and 16-1 on Dust2 to knock MAX down to the lower bracket.

TyLoo also made short work of EHOME, winning 2-0 against them and securing their place in the Upper Bracket Final.

On the other hand, VG.Flash easily took care of BTR and 5POWER, beating them both 2-0 to meet TyLoo in the Upper Bracket Final.

The two big giants of China faced off where TyLoo beat VG.Flash 16-8, both on Mirage and Cache.
Lower Bracket Matches

After losing to EHOME in the Upper Bracket, CyberZen had an incredible journey in the lower bracket. Their first elimination game was against MAX. CyberZen clinched Train 16-9 but their poor trade fragging resulted in them losing Dust2 10-16. They scored revenge by dominating MAX 16-3 on Inferno.

Up next, the big bad wolf 5POWER stood in their way. On paper, CyberZen probably would not have won against them, but 5POWER had to forfeit the game for unknown reasons. This meant that CyberZen could move on to the Lower Bracket Final against EHOME, itching to avenge the team that sent them into the lower bracket.

In the previous match between the two teams (in the Upper Bracket), EHOME won 16-11 on Dust2 and 19-17 on Inferno. This time however, CyberZen had an ace up their sleeve. To throw EHOME out of their comfort zone, CyberZen picked Nuke and won 16-12. EHOME had picked Dust2, confident that they will be able to win once again. But this time, Savage and Monster led the charge for CyberZen. With a rating of 1.62 and 1.47, these two players carried CyberZen to a 16-7 victory on Dust2. Thus, the bunch of players that were in the limelight for all the wrong reasons during the Fierce Tiger controversy, were able to score revenge against the team that sent them to the lower bracket.

Tomorrow, CyberZen will play against VG.Flash. The winner of that match will face TyLoo in the Grand Final for a spot in Stockholm.


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