TyLoo and VG.Flash qualify for StarSeries iLeague Season 5

kripz - 13 May, 2018 News

TyLoo and VG.Flash qualify for StarSeries iLeague Season 5

TyLoo, VG.Flash, B.O.O.T-d[S] and 5POWER had made it into the semi-finals of the StarSeries iLeague Season 5 Asian Qualifier yesterday. The teams were just one victory away from qualifying for the main event in Kiev, Ukraine.

TyLoo got the better of BOOT DS on their own map pick - Mirage. The Chinese team comfortably picked up 10 rounds in the first half on CT side. They had a back and forth exchange of rounds in the second half, but the Chinese got to match point earlier; winning the map 16-11.

TyLoo led the charge on Inferno starting on the T side, cornering BOOT DS so far that they were forced to play passively from the bombsites. Though Inferno is generally considered as a CT sided map by several experts, TyLoo showed us time and again why they do not like to believe so; scoring an impressive 10-5 lead on the T half. Then on the CT side, they completely shut down the Singaporeans and won the map 16-6.

VG.Flash had a an intense face-off against 5POWER. VG.Flash picked the first map inferno and struggled with an 8-7 score in the first half. However, they played brilliantly on the T side, forcing them to over-rotate and punishing them for it. This let them seal the first map at 16-11. The second map was Train. A lot of rounds went back and forth, with both teams doing well on the T side. It was finally VG.Flash that triumphed with a scoreline of 16-14 and secured booked themselves a spot at the tournament in Kiev.

The following teams will be competing at the LAN Finals in Ukraine from May 28th to June 3rd:



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