Exclusive Interview with XiangZai :TI is coming, They will have their answer.

Deepgaming - 12 Jun, 2014 Interview

Exclusive Interview with XiangZai :TI is coming, They will have their answer.

AFK Gaming got an opportunity to have an exclusive interview with the offlaner of Arrow Gaming - XiangZaiii.

Deep : Hello Xiang, thank you for finding the time for out of your busy schedule for this interview. How are you?

Xiang : Hello, I am fine, bit sick though.


Deep : Sick or frustrated?

Xiang : Frustrated? Nah. After the SEA qualifier our team could't get time to train with any team except for 2 games against team "DK". But from next week we are goin to train hard for TI, we already have the schedules of the scrims from our manager.


Deep : I also heard multiple stand-ins were used in both the finals.

Xiang : Yeah, Lance had to go back to college, also the steam was troubling for some of us. Later a stand-in in previous games had to go outside so again we had to find another stand-in.


Deep : What happned in the MPGL finals , 3-0 against "Titan", that was really bad.

Xiang : Yeah, it was a long day for us, we started play from 3pm untill midnight when the MPGL finals started, I was tired. But ofcourse we need to train harded.


Deep : Ok after a training of 10 days, how would you rate Arrow against "Titan".

Xiang : I'm sure we will play better and can win.


Deep : Are you guys planing to scrims against Chinese teams?

Xiang : Well we never got a chance to fly overseas to china or europe, only "Johnny" could go to china. But we do have a private vpn installed and we are looking forward to get some practice with chinese teams.


Deep : What is the update about the visa issue for TI4?

Xiang : Yah this is somthing we all are worried about. Malaysian Gov. is trying their best to help us and Valve is going to write a better invite letter. Hopefully we will pass the second interview. Also thanks to all the fans who keep posting on the twiter in support of us, it really helps us a lot.


Deep : We hope Arrow gets to TI with its full squad. Any thoughts about "MVP Phoenix"?

Xiang : They are new in the scene, I think they will play better after 1 more year. Although i was surprised when they came as top 2 in the qualifiers. Although before TI qualifires we had a few scrims and they are not bad at all.


Deep : Do you think one of the SEA teams will bring back the glory that "Orange" has been doing all these years.

Xiang : I think Titan can, they are really showing some strength.


Deep : How do you think will Arrow perform in TI.

Xiang : We will try our best, but we can easily reach top 8.


Deep : Any predictions for TI Top 2?

Xiang : EG and DK. Infact its really hard to choose, each one of the teams are performing really good.


Deep : That will be enough for me. Any final shoughtouts?



Deep : Any words for critics saying "Arrow is only good at MMR Table"?

Xiang : TI is coming, they will have their answer.


Deep :Thanks for the interview. I wish Arrow Gaming best of luck for future tournaments specially TI.

Xiang : Thank you , and have a nice day.




Nice 1 Deep :) !!

Posted by thejus24 on 12th Jun 2014 - 08:24 AM


Nice interview Deep! Get well soon, Xiang and start owning :D

Posted by Ratz1994 on 12th Jun 2014 - 01:32 PM


ty :)

Posted by Deepgaming on 12th Jun 2014 - 03:50 PM

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