Asian domination at IEM Sydney 2018

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Asian domination at IEM Sydney 2018
IEM Syndey 2018 has by far been the most rewarding for Asian teams, as they continue to take down global giants. With teams like SK Gaming, FaZe and Cloud9 falling at the hands of the underdog Asian and Australian teams, this tournament has seen its fair share of upsets. Could this be the rise of Asian Counter-Strike on a global stage?
Group A

It all started with FaZe vs ORDER. FaZe was able to beat the Australian team pretty convincingly with a score of 16-4. However, the other Australian team in the mix, Renegades faced FaZe next in a bo3 and took them for a wild ride! Renegades picked Train first and managed to win the map 16-12. FaZe, picking their strongest map Overpass subdued Renegades at 16-13, bringing the series to a 1-1 tie and forcing the match into the third map - Inferno.

Renegades started strong by securing 9 rounds in the first half, despite being on the Terrorist side. FaZe overtook them in the second half, with NiKo scoring a stunning quad kill to get to map point. They couldn't, however, hold that advantage and Renegades caught up to push the map into overtime. Renegades, starting on the offensive side again exploded open with Jkaem getting a 3k to get the first round of overtime. USTILO followed up with a triple kill of his own. GuardiaN stepped up by sniping down 4 opponents on the defensive side to get FaZe back in the game. Jks stepped up and got himself a triple kill to get Renegades to map and match point, only to be denied by one more quad kill by NiKo to push the map into double overtime. Both sides, unwilling to give up, fought on till the match went to 3rd overtime, where Renegades finally won the map 25:22 to get to the Upper Bracket finals. This was, without a doubt, the best match in the tournament so far.

TyLoo overpowered SK Gaming and  Cloud9, some of the best teams in the world
Source : Hltv

Meanwhile, TyLoo had a very intense match against the legendary SK Gaming, where the Chinese somehow overpowered arguably the best team in the world, pushing the bo1 into overtime and winning 19-16.

Grayhound fought Cloud9 and was sent packing into the lower bracket as they lost 16-6, where they found themselves facing the dreaded SK Gaming. Grayhound overpowered the Brazilians on Mirage, winning 16-13. The highlight of the map was when Gratisfaction got a knife kill on Coldzera, adding insult to injury.

SK hit the Aussies back by winning Cache 16-11; but got punished heavily on the Terrorist side of Overpass as they could not break through the defence, losing 16-11. Grayhound won the match and sent the perceived strongest team in the tournament packing home.

Grayhound upset SK Gaming
Source : Hltv

They were unfortunately knocked out by FaZe in their next lower-bracket match, but they managed to secure Mirage against them 16-14. Even though they lost the next two maps Cache and Dust2 both with 10-16 scores, at least they have something to brag about, having taken maps off and knocking out some of the best teams in the world!

TyLoo on the other hand, was leaving behind death and devastation everywhere they went. After having sent SK down into the lower bracket, they beat Cloud 9 convincingly 2-0 (16-10 on Inferno and 16-14 on Overpass).

Cloud9 knocked out ORDER in the lower bracket; leaving Renegades as the only Australian team to make it to the playoffs.

TyLoo and Renegades faced each other in the Group A Upper Bracket finals, where TyLoo won 2-0. TyLoo, now secured themselves a slot in the semi-finals while Renegades made it to the quarter-finals. But that is of little consequence as 2 Asian/Aussie teams have now made it to the playoffs.
Group A results
Source : Hltv

Group B

The Asian and Australian teams in Group B had a horrible time, as compared to the other teams from the continent in Group A.

B.O.O.T-d[S] got whitewashed 16-6 by mousesports, and were knocked out of the lower bracket as well after suffering a 2-0 loss at the hands of NRG.

G2 shut down MVP PK in all sorts of gruesome ways, where the Koreans lost 5-16.

Fnatic manhandled The Chiefs and beat them 16-3. MVP PK and The Chiefs played each other in the lower bracket where the Koreans knocked out the Aussies 2-0 (16-14 on Nuke and 16-8 on Inferno). Their celebration was short lived as MVP PK lost their next lower-bracket match against mousesports 2-0.
None of the Asian / Australian teams made it to the playoffs from Group B.
Group B results
Source : Hltv

The Playoffs

Renegades vs Mousesports

Mousesports made short work of the Aussies on the first map, as they bagged 10 rounds in the first half. Letting only 2 rounds slip in the other half, mousesports quickly sealed the deal with a score of 16-7 on the first map.

The second map, Inferno, took my breath away. In a back-and-forth match that seemed to be heading in mousesport’s favour as they got to match point, USTILO picked up a double kill during a retake in the last round to drag the map into overtime. ChrisJ sniped down 4 enemies to get to map point once again, only to be followed up by a revenge quad kill by Nifty, which kicked off the second overtime. STYKO picked up a 3K to get to match point, which was once again, denied as AZR scored a quad kill to force the match into the third overtime! Renegades finally won Inferno as Nifty sniped off 3 enemies to clinch the map at 25:23, bringing the series to a 1-1 tie.

The final map Train was back and forth as the first half closed 8-7. SunNy clutched a 1 vs 2 retake the force the match into overtime. From there, mousesports won 4 in a row and finished the match at 19-15 to book themselves a spot in the Semi-Final against Astralis.

AZR and USTILO enjoying a high-moment after an intense round
Source : Hltv


TyLoo vs FaZe

TyLoo were off to a flying start on the CT side of Cache – FaZe’s map pick. After being down 2-7, FaZe mounted a massive comeback to end the first half 8-7 in the lead. They shut down the Aussies in all sorts of gruesome ways, not letting them enter any site at all; and ended the map 16-9.

TyLoo hit them back with a majestic T side on Inferno. They played beautiful CS, getting trade frags all the time and keeping the numerical advantage with a sweet mix of aggression and playing mind games with FaZe and always making them over-rotate. They got 9 rounds in the first half, despite being on the T side, with BnTeT leading the scoreboard. On the CT side, SOMEBODY lurked extremely well, keeping FaZe on their feet at all times and catching them off guard. Meanwhile, DD and BnTeT simply out aimed the opposition and shut them down. TyLoo won Inferno 16-9, bringing the game to a tie.

The Chinese momentum carried forward in Mirage, as they won the first four rounds on the T side. But FaZe saw through their playstyle and proceeded to win the next 11 rounds in a row! The Chinese tried their best to take mid-control, but could never get into pincer positions like Sniper Nest or B-Short Ladder Room, leaving them vulnerable like turkeys on Thanksgiving. FaZe slipped 5 rounds in the second half, but those were mistakes they could afford to make, while eventually bleeding out TyLoo’s economy; winning rounds that reset TyLoo’s loss bonus back to zero. FaZe won the match 16-9, knocking the Chinese out of the tournament.

Although, none of the Asian or Australian teams made it to the finals; it was the first time an Asian team reached the Semi-finals of such a prestigious tournament. Giants like SK Gaming, Cloud9, and FaZe fell to the hands of the Eastern teams, proving that the rise of Asian Counter-Strike is imminent. Though one may argue that SK Gaming was in a slump, beating the #2 team in the world is no small feat, and definitely a story to tell the grandkids. TyLoo and Renegades may not have won the tournament, but they definitely won our hearts.

Do not miss out on the action. Catch Mousesports vs Astralis as they battle it out to get a slot in the finals against FaZe! Tune in to IEM Sydney 2018!

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